Brownie Story Craft

1. Carefully open the activity pack, you will need all the parts and
glue, scissors, pens and pencils, sewing needle and thread, some
aluminium foil or shiny paper, stiff card – an old box will do fine and a

2. Cut out the templates and follow the instructions to cut out the
correct number of pieces. If you have some extra card you can make 3D
trees. Use a ruler and scissors to score and fold along the dotted lines.

3. You can use the scraps of card, pens and pencils to decorate the
animals, draw their faces and decorate the other pieces. Use glue to
stick the parts together as shown in the picture. Fold the top of the
toadstool in half and ‘sandwich’ the base in place. If you are making
3D trees, score and fold all 9 pieces, then glue the halves together in
groups of 3.

4. Once the pieces are decorated and glued together you need to make the
pond. Cover the stiff card in shiny paper or foil and put holes through
as marked, then cut out the green paper and glue on the reverse side.

5. Put the ribbons through the holes and knot the ends – a blob of glue
will help keep then in place, knot the looses ends together making sure
they are equal lengths.

6. Using the sewing thread and needle thread the animals and decorations
together – tree at the top, toadstool in the middle and animal at the

7. Attach the sewing thread to the pool using the holes you have already
8. Look into the pool and find a Brownie.

Read or listen to the Brownie story and find out why some Brownie units
call their leader “Brown Owl”