Virtual Friday Fun – Caterpillars (or is it a book worm?)

Welcome to our first Virtual Friday Fun…

We have two stories for you to listen to.

After you have listened to Cecil the Caterpillar once why not join in with the actions.
Cecil is a Caterpillar, Cecil is my friend … start off with your fingers not very far apart, then as the story progresses move them further and further apart so that your arms are out stretched to show how Cecil grows. At the end bring them back together to show Cecil as a tiny caterpillar.

Now you can make a caterpillar (or is it a book worm?) to show off all your favourite books.

1. Print off the template. You will also need pens or pencils, scissors, glue and a hole punch. Cut out the templates and cut the number of pieces as instructed.

2. Punch holes in each end of you ‘body’ parts, give your caterpillar/book worm a big smiley face and glue on the feelers. Glue one end of the ribbon to the back of the caterpillar’s head.

3. Draw a pictures of your favourite books on the ‘body’ parts and thread them onto the ribbon. You can add as many segments as you would like to your caterpillar/bookworm.

4. When you are finished take a picture and send it to use for the library website or post it in the library members’ Facebook Group.

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