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Sato the Rabbit. by Yuki Ainoya

“Sato the Rabbit’s imagination transforms the details of ordinary life into fanciful adventures that embrace and enhance the natural world. (A 2022 Batchelder Honor Book)” (ALA Notable Children’s Book 2002) from

Except Antarctica By Todd Sturgell

“Animals defy the narrator’s declaration that they can’t go to Antarctica, triggering a silly sequence of events.” See (ALA Notable Children’s Books – 2022)

Sky Gazing: A Guide to the Moon, Sun, Planets, Stars, Eclipses, and Constellations by Meg Thacher

“In this highly visual guide to observing the sky with the naked eye, kids aged 9–14 will delve into the science behind what they see. This captivating book offers a tour of our solar system and deep space, explaining how objects like Earth’s moon were formed and introducing the “why” behind phenomena such as eclipses, northern lights, and meteor showers. Sky gazers will learn how to find and observe planets — no binoculars or telescopes required — and star charts will show them how to spot constellations through the seasons and in both hemispheres.” from

A shot in the arm by Don Brown

“A Shot in the Arm! explores the history of vaccinations and the struggle to protect people from infectious diseases, from smallpox—perhaps humankind’s greatest affliction to date—to the COVID-19 pandemic.”  from Note: this is a graphic novel for middle grade students.

Mimic makers by Kristen Nordstrom Illustrated Paul Boston

“When an inventor is inspired by nature for a new creation, they are practicing something called biomimicry. Meet ten real-life scientists, engineers, and designers who imitate plants and animals to create amazing new technology. An engineer shapes the nose of his train like a kingfisher’s beak. A scientist models her solar cell on the mighty leaf. Discover how we copy nature’s good ideas to solve real-world problems!” from