The Pirates Next Door

Author Jonny Duddle
ISBN 9781848772199

the CEL copy has fallen to pieces from being over read, it would be good if we can replace it. I have discarded current copy

Set Sail for Pancakes by Tim Kleyn

Margot and Grandpa awake one morning with a hankering for pancakes. However, they are out of eggs, milk, and flour. Together, they set off in their mighty vessel, Beluga Blue, and traverse the sea, going to various islands to gather supplies. When a storm dampens their pancake mission, they drop anchor and wait out the weather. This tasty read is perfect for a lazy weekend brunch and includes a recipe at the back of the book.

Blue Bison needs a haircut byScott Rothman

Shaggy Blue Bison needs a trim. But his barber shop is closed. So are the supermarket and taco stand. In fact, everything is closed. Undeterred, Blue Bison pays his barber a visit at his house, hoping to strike a bargain, which doesn’t work out as planned. Even though his younger sister offers to cut his hair, Blue Bison declines. That is, until she secretly cuts his hair in his sleep. With laugh-out-loud moments, this book quickly became a favorite

The Path by Bob Staake

A young child sets out on a well-worn path of those who have gone before. At first, the smooth trail winds through beautiful scenery. But when the path becomes rugged and splits in two, what is a young traveler to do? A story of choice and perseverance, this book is an excellent example of why we can never resist a book by Bob Staake.