Membership of CEL is open to all those who live in Stuttgart and its environs.  Our membership is truly international, ex-pats from all over the world, bilingual families, Germans returning from abroad and those just wanting to give their children a head start in English.

Membership costs 50 Euro per year and allows families and individuals to borrow up to 15 books for four weeks at a time and to take part in workshops, readings and activities run by native English speakers.

Corporate or school membership is not available, however, many teachers join as individuals and we are happy to provide receipts so that teachers can claim the cost of membership as a work expense.

Due to the way CEL is funded, we are unfortunately unable to offer a reference service for non-members.  However, non-members are welcome to attend activities on payment of the appropriate fee.

Full details of the rules of library membership can be found here: CEL Library Rules

If you would like to complete a membership form at home and bring it with you to the library you can print one off here: CEL Membership Form