Reopening CEL – Saturdays ONLY

Dear Members,

following our consultation with members and volunteers we have taken the decision to trial reopening CEL on Saturday afternoons 14.00-17.00 ONLY and maintaining contactless lending for those who can’t make the library on a Saturday.

We will reopen on Saturday 20th June for the borrowing and returning of books and other items.

The following rules will apply:

CEL Corona Prevention Measures – whilst in the library…

  • Facemask covering nose and mouth must be worn at all times
  • Hands should be disinfected before entering the library
  • Only members are allowed in the library.
  • All members must give their name and membership number on arrival which will be logged so that we know who has been in the library when.
  • Only two families are allowed in the library at any one time
  • Social distancing must be maintained – children must remain with their parent(s) and a distance of at least 2m be kept between families
  • Only one family is allowed to wait in the lobby
  • The library is open for borrowing and returning books ONLY
  • Reading on the sofa/floor is not allowed
  • There can be no activities
  • The library may not be used as a meeting place with other families
  • The kitchen area is out of bounds
  • The toilet may be used by you MUST thoroughly clean it after use with the materials provided and sign to say you have done so.

Please help us keep our volunteers and members safe by abiding by these rules.
Thank you.

New members must return their membership form and transfer their membership fee in advance of visiting CEL.  They will be notified when their account has been created and when they can start to visit the library.

Best wishes and keep well,

The CEL Board