Make your own Hedwig

  1. Collect together everything you need, there is a list on the activity pack. Wash out the pot and remove the labels. Cut out the templates from the sheet. The broken line round the feet is the seam allowance. You can cut the template on the solid line, but must remember to add the seam allowance when cutting the fleece.

  1. Remove the popper from the yellow or black piece and use the templates to cut out the felt and fleece pieces as indicated on the sheet. Draw around the feet 4 times, but remember to cut approx 5 mm from the line to give the seam allowance.

  1. Sew the eyes – you could use a hot glue gun, but sewing will be far more secure. Sew the black pupil into the center of the yellow iris, then sew the yellow iris into the center of the black circle – make sure that the yellow is slightly smaller than the black, then sew onto the large cream circle, slightly off center.

  1. Sew the popper to the ends of the beak. Then fold the beak in half length ways and over sew a small tuck.

  1. The feet and claws: lie 2 cream feet on the table, the right side of the material facing upwards, and put the claws, points facing in, on top, as shown. Place the remaining 2 feet on top, right side of the fabric facing in, so you have a ‘claw sandwich’. Sew through the layers from one arrow to the the second as shown, using your line as a guide, keep your stitches as small and neat as possible so they will hold well. You can use running or back stitch. Leave most of the long side open. Make small cuts in the fabric, at 90 degrees to the stitching, but be careful not to cut through the stitches, this will make it easier to turn the feet the right way out. Turn the feet the right way out so the claws are sticking out.

  1. To make the wings you need to put the shaped wing on top of the base, the tips of the wings should be level. Sew from the indentations to the point, again with either beck stitch or running stitch, keeping the stitches as small and even as possible. You may find it easier to hold the pieces in place with dressmaker’s pins as you work. If you would like you can use embroidery threads to sew a feather pattern onto the wings, or a marker pen.

  1. To assemble your owl, first stretch your sock over the pudding pot. The toe of the sock should be right on the top of the pot, and the extra sock tucked into the pot. The heel of the sock should be at the back. Place the beak onto the sock so that the center of the beak is approx. 4 cm from the top of the pot, sew the beak to the sock along the center line.

  1. Next place the eyes either side of the beak and using long stitches to resemble feathers, sew from the black circle outwards – don’t sew to the edge of the cream circle as we cant the feathers around the eyes to look fluffy.

  1. To sew on the wings first place them on your sock, then sew from the top point straight down for approx 2cm, fasten off the thread tightly and sew on the other wing.
  2. Tuck the open side of the feet inside the ‘pocket’

  1. Place the feet along the rim of the pudding point, with the claws pointing towards the beak and the opening downwards. Attach the foot, making sure you are sewing through all 3 layers (sock and 2 layers of foot) with each stitch. Repeat with the second foot.

Hedwig is ready to fly and deliver letters and Howlers! Punch a hole in your letters and close the popper through the hole.