Workshop – Violet Van winkle is an inventor with a flair for the air! 

“If only the kids at school knew that Violet could create flying machines- glorious contraptions like the tub-bubbler and the Wing-a-ma-gig- they might not tease her the way they do. Could the upcoming Air Show be her chance to show her stuff?”

Dear CEL Members,

Join us Saturday afternoon on June 25th Start time: 3pm for a workshop which will include: listening to a read-aloud of the book “Violet the Pilot”, discussing themes in the book, such as staying true to yourself and not giving up,  as well as creating paper airplanes!
Please send an email to if you a are CEL member and your primary school aged child/children would like to attend. Don’t forget to include the first and last name along with their age. There are 8 spots available for this workshop. Hope to see you there!
Kind regards,
Michele with CEL