A different sort of normal (By Abigail Balfe)

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It’s a biographical book by an autistic author written for middle grade children.

(Yes, we did say we wanted books that don’t focus exclusively on a single diversity aspect, however, this story is authentic, so I decided to post it here.)

It has cartoony bits in it, photos, drawings, … and is therefore fun to read, but is still a chapter book.

ISBN 9-780241-508794

“Hi! My name is Abigail and I’m autistic. However, I didn’t know I was autistic until I was an adult-sort-of-person. This is my real-life story about growing up feeling different. Inside you’ll discover all sorts of memories: from family and friendships, to ice cream and toilets. You’ll also find some Very Important Information about autism. And lots of drawings of cats. Because I really like cats. Whatever your story, if you’ve ever felt out of place, like you don’t fit in … This is for you.”

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